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All video modules below are designed to build on one another, however feel free to jump around and go through the academy at your own pace.

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1. Considering Jesus

Our introductory module that covers common perspectives and worldview. It also gives a solid argument for why the viewer should consider Jesus.

2. Learning to Enjoy the Bible

This module helps you avoid frustration and confusion, and connects you to the theme of the Bible so that you can “learn to enjoy the Bible.”

3. How did we get the Bible?

Trace the history of Scripture! This module breaks down the timeline of how the Bible came to be.

4. We can Trust the Bible

John Schoenheit shows why you can trust the Bible and why you do not have to take it on "blind faith."

5. The Purpose of the Bible & the Reason for Bible Study

Why did God give us the Word of God? Why should we study Scripture and the purpose behind it all?

6. Basic Principles of Bible Interpretation

In this module you will learn the fundamental principles of interpretation. These methods will help you understand any section of Scripture.

7. "To Whom" is it Written?

Different parts of the Bible are written specifically to different groups of people. What does it all mean? Find out here in this module.

8. Biblical Customs & Figures of Speech

In this module, you will learn about the Biblical culture and many of the different figures of speech that God uses to communicate with us.

9. The Manifestations of Holy Spirit

God has given us a wonderful gift in His Spirit. What are the manifestations of this gift and how does it all work?

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